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  from 02.08.2007 

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Suvaj Křišťálové oko - info:

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Suvaj Křišťálové oko - chihuahua longhair chihuahua longhair
born 05.08.2006   + 20.09.2021

stud dog - 18 cm
weigh: 1,60kg

* Champion CZ, Club Champion CZ
* 5x CAC CZ, 2x CAC SK, 2x Res.CACIB, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB, 3x Res. CAC, 2x CWC, NPwR(BOS)


Is a very sweet and friendly dog, who loves company and children. He has a nice male head, beautiful type in body, straight top line, correct angulation of the front and hind quarters, and shows very well.

 II.generation III.generation

HAXI z Petlendu

blond, mixed, white signs
21 cm, A 00000 00 00000
Champion PL, 2x Res. CACIB
3x CAC SK, 3x CWC
1x Res.CAC, BOS

Sultan du Pays Gabaye

beige, longhair
19.0 cm, A 00000 00 0000
Club Champion, 4x CACIB, Res.CACIB
BOB, Winner of Middle Europa
Winner of Eastern Europa
4x CAC CZ, 2 Res.CAC
CAC SK, Croatia, Slovenia

Nicky de la Chauviniere de Reno

sable, black mask, longhair
Joly du Clos de l´Ancienne Ferme

black-white, longhair
Katy Křišťálové oko

beige, longhair
18.0 cm, A 00000 00 0000
For z Petlendu

blond, longhair
19.0 cm, A 10000 0110/b
Daisy Jafa Re-Ro

black-white, longhair
19.0 cm, B 11013 3220

JESSIE Křišťálové oko

blond, white signs, longhair
20 cm, A 00000 20 0110

DŽIGO z Kmochova zátiší

white, gold signs, longhair
A 18 000000000/a
JuniorChampion CZ, InterChampion, Champion
6x Res. CACIB, 4x CACIB, 8x BOB, National winner, Club Champion, 3x CACA, 2x CAC SK, 3x CAC Croatia, Res. CAC VDH-Ch., Jugendbester, CAJC SK

Aldo z Kmochova zátiší

white, longhair
18 cm, A 01001 1000
Ch.CZ, PL, Club Champion
7x CACIB, 5x Res.CACIB

Felis Zapo CS

white, brown signs, smooth
23 cm, B 21021 1221
Bonna Ra-Mi CS

sand, longhair
20 cm, C 30130 2250

Dominik z Helfštýna CS

greygold, longhair
19 cm, A 00010 0110
Club Champion
Arnika Čivaki CS

biscuit, longhair
19 cm, A 00000 0110
National winner, CAC

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