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  from 02.08.2007 

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Litter "M" M1 - info:

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born: 09.03.2002

father: Ellin z Petlendu (longhair)
mother: Dixi Ester Bohemia (smooth)

* Mayo Domácí štěstí - male, smooth blond

* Monty Domácí štěstí - male, longhair, blond, mixed

* Madlenka Domácí štěstí - female, longhair smoke

 II.generation III.generation

ELLIN z Petlendu

smooth, blond
21 cm, A 010012120
Aburex von Silberberg

beige, white signs, longhair
20 cm
Tiny-Dolľs Superman

foxiness, longhair
Champion Germany, Finland, Norway
Eppsi v.Steppenbrunnen

white, brown signs, longhair
Barborka z Petlendu CS

smooth, white
22 cm, A 10110 1220
Benito v.d. Reiterhöhe

white, blond signs, smooth
23.0 cm, B 20020 1111
Adélka Kosmik

brown, mixed, smooth

DIXI Ester Bohemia

white, black signs, smooth
B 20 00000 01 0040
Very good
Arci od Kristýnek

grey, smooth
20.0 cm, A 00000 0110
Res.CACIB, 2x CAC, Res.CAC, Regional winner, Winner of class
Casanova Kosmík CS

black, white signs, smooth
18cm, B 00010 1310
Champion CZ, 2x CACIB
2x R.CACIB, 2x BOB
Winner of
Winner of class
Rena z Kmochova zátiší

gold, longhair
18cm, B 00001 3230
Dasty od Malinalca CS

blond grey, smooth
21.0 cm, B 10120 1111
Very good
Benito v.d. Reiterhohe

white, blond signs, smooth
23.0cm, B 20020 1111
Mara Ramirez

blond, smooth
20cm, A 20020 1020

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