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  from 02.08.2007 

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Litter "H" H2 - info:

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born: 04.08.2006

father: Haxi z Petlendu (longhair)
mother: Rubie Domácí štěstí (longhair)

* Hessie Domácí štěstí - female, longhair blond, brood bitch - 17 cm, CAC, CACIB, BOB, in our kennels

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Hessie Domácí štěstí - longhair:

chihuahua Hessie Domácí štěstí     chihuahua Hessie Domácí štěstí

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 II.generation III.generation

HAXI z Petlendu

blond, mixed, white signs
21 cm, A 00000 00 00000
Champion PL, 1x Res. CACIB
3x CAC SK, 3x CWC
1x Res.CAC, BOS
Sultan du Pays Gabaye

beige, longhair
19.0 cm, A 00000 00 0000
Club Champion, 4x CACIB, Res.CACIB
BOB, Winner of Middle Europa
Winner of Eastern Europa
4x CAC CZ, 2 Res.CAC
CAC SK, Croatia, Slovenia
Nicky de la Chauviniere de Reno

sable, black mask, longhair
Joly du Clos de l´Ancienne Ferme

black-white, longhair
Katy Křišťálové oko

beige, longhair
18.0 cm, A 00000 00 0000
For z Petlendu

blond, longhair
19.0 cm, A 10000 0110/b
Daisy Jafa Re-Ro

black-white, longhair
19.0 cm, B 11013 3220

RUBIE Domácí štěstí

blond, mixed, longhair
18 cm, A 00000 00 0000
MultiChampion, Club Champion
Champion CZ, SK, PL
3x CACIB, 1x res.CACIB, 1x BOB
2x National winner
4x CAC CZ, 4x CAC SK
2x Res.CAC SK, 2x CAJC, 3x CWC, 1x BOS (PL)
Cipísek Labské tůně

gold, mixed, longhair
19 cm, A 00000 00 0000
MultiChampion, Club Champion
Champion CZ, SK, PL
2x CACIB, 4x Res.CACIB
BOB, 4x CAC CZ, 7x Res.CAC CZ
5x CWC, 4x CAC SK, 2x Res.CAC SK, 3x BOS
Porto Lumarko CS

cream, longhair
19.0 cm, A 00000 1110
Champion CZ, BOB
Club winner 1995
National winner, 4x CAC
Patty z Alkonu CS

gold, longhair
20.0 cm, B 30110 1120
Dixi Ester Bohemia

white, black signs, smooth
B 20 00000 01 0040
Very good
Arci od Kristýnek

grey, smooth
20.0 cm, A 00000 0110
Res.CACIB, 2x CAC, Res.CAC
Regional winner, Winner of class
Dasty od Malinalca CS

blond grey, smooth
21.0 cm, B 10120 1111
Very good

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